Health and Safety


Health & Safety

The Challenge

It is a legal obligation of any Australian busines to provide a safe environment for all staff, visitors, contractors, volunteers, and suppliers. Even small and simple offices can be hazourdous.

The Solution

Create a safe workplace by managing the information in in your business. Leverage powerful incident or event management workflows driving CAPA and other improvement and amanagement practices.

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Key Features

Build your internal processes rules into automated. dynamic workflows driving efficent and monitored information and decisions


Tracability and logging of all situations for clear and reliable auditable events

Inductions and Visitors

Ensure visitors, contractors, volunteers and suppliers are correctly inducted, driving your businesses saftey message

Learning & Training

Effectively provide your staff with the informaiton they need to be and stay safe

Key Benefits
Standard Procedures

Ensure everyone has the latest information and follows the published process

Incident Management

Manage each event on its own merits. Severity-based escalation ensuring appropriate level of involvement


Business wide visibility of competency, incidents and all other informtion that helps make decisions


Adherance to industry or govenment measures