Sales Order Management


Sales Order Management

The Challenge

Slow or unprocessed sales orders may cost you the deal. Customers have more choice of supply than ever before. Dont let your orders go to your competitor

The Solution

Don’t let your incoming client orders sit in inboxes or on fax machines. Automat, distribute, and manage the orders from received to dispatched. Quickly view existing orders and give your clients a truly managed experience.

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Key Features
Capture and Manage

Capture incoming orders and drive them from receipt to payment through a digitised workflows


Dashboard-like visibility of order status


Respond quickly to either enquiries or issues


Easily compare repeat business to ensure your customers are getting the right deal

Key Benefits
Digitised from the beginning

Eliminate paper based processing

Notifications and Alerts

Automatic flagging of slow or stale orders for quick escalation

Business Process

Automate the divisional processing of orders from keying to dispatch

Customer Service

Instantly provide information to your clients for any enquiries as they happen.