Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable

The Challenge

Manual accounts payable processing can cost you a significant amount of time and money and this cost can rise alarmingly due to errors. This laborintensive process results in costly and time-consuming exceptions and delays.

The Solution

Element3 Solutions automate the process of invoice scanning, invoice data extraction and classification. Our solution provides recognition of data on scanned paper or PDF invoices, followed by validation, sorting and archiving to significantly speed up your accounts payable process.

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Key Features
Mobile Capture

Capture receipts on the spot. No scanners required.

Offline Operation

The expense app operates fully even when not connected to the offic enetwork or even the internet!


Can be easily configured to fit a specific business process by adding new fields and rules.

Rapid Data Filling

Automatci prompting of filed with known data rapidly speeds up the submission process

Automated Reconcilliation

Automatic reconcilliation of expence receipts against credit card statements cut hours or days out of administrative tasks.

Notifications and Reminders

Automatic notificaions and reminders sent to staff to provide missing information saves manual emailing reminders

Key Benefits
Reduced Costs

Reduces costs by decreasing the amount of manual labor required to process and reconcile expenses..

Improved cash Management

Helps spread expense reimbursments to monthly periods rather than concentrated large claims that can effect business cashflow

Reduced Error Rate

Strong validation rules help avoid costly human errors.

Maximised Productivity

Lets your staff focus on creative tasks.

Improved Visability

Clearly shows expenses throughout the businesses and easily identifies outstanding expenses.