Human Resources


Human Resources

The Challenge

Maintaining private and confidential information safely and securely within your business can quickly become unmanagable. Data breach laws dictate you must be able to comply to national standards.

The Solution

From Recruitment to Retirement. Manage all information and stages of an employee’s time within your organisation. Job applicants, position descriptions, performance reviews and any other employee related documentation and information is securely managed, yet allows employees easily find their own information via the self-service portal.

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Key Features

Manage the recruitment process from advertising, to applications, all the way through to employment offer.


Ensure all onboarding documents, information and processes are completed.

Training and Development

Manage and track professional development, certifications and competency.

Employee Records

Manage and retain all employee documentaion and records with complete audit trail.

Key Benefits
Digitally Secured

Store sensitive and private information securely.


Simple dashboard views of key employee data give you the information you need at a glance

Powerful Workflows

Drive information automatically and securely using permission based workflow

Self Service

Allow staff to provice, access and use thier own information