Learning, Training, & Competency


Learning, Training & Competency

The Challenge

How do you identify the competency of your staff? Who needs what training or education? Do your staff know the latest products, policies or procedures?

The Solution

Ensure your staff are competent and trained to perform the tasks they are required to. Easily manage training programs to stay up to date

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Key Features

Plan and promote learning courses from anything from product information to corporate health and safety


Manage the competency of staff relevant to their role, or manage the work based on staff competency

Growth Plans

Equip your staff with well planned growth plans that they can predict and set goals to achieve


Control the quality of your staff by providing them with the latest information and knowledge

Key Benefits
Free Up Staff

Enable your clients to answer their own inquiries

Customer Satisfaction

Drive customer satisfaction by allowing them to truly partner with your business and share information