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According to IDC, Enterprise business will spend in excess of $2 Trillion by the end of 2019 on “Digital Transformation”

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation, sometimes referred to AS “DX” is a journey that an organisation embarks on, with a view to use technology to deliver better value and enhance profitable growth. Re-actively, a pro-active Digital Transformation approach can deliver the edge that you may seek against your competitors. It is not the technology alone, but more; a re-thinking of how technology can be leveraged within the business delivering positive process enhancements. Technology may be the enabler, but it is the people and their process that play the major part of the transformation. Technology for technologies sake will not deliver a strong result.

Where Do I Start?

Let’s start with the obvious one. The “Paperless office” or should we say “Less Paper Office”. Email communication, PDF’s, OCR technology and powerful search, retrieve and mobile document software all make it more realistic to cull the paper and work digitally. Apply this strategy to your business processes, and you’ll be returning efficiency to your business, and in turn, your customers.

What Should Be My Approach?

Leading with a partial approach or half considered plan can result in technology for technology’s sake. There needs to be a conscious realisation and a carefully considered plan, especially from the business decision makers, that change will deliver a purposeful difference to the outcome of the business. If the business drives the change in consultation with experienced IT specialists, a successful outcome will be achieved

How big is such a change?

It is a case of mirroring your current manual process in a digitise format…..It is that simple. We don’t ask you to change your process to suit us, we customise your process and thereby reduce any dissatisfaction that may come with change

How will this affect my current system infrastructure?

We do not ask you to make any changes to your current system infrastructure. We are integration specialists. We compliment your current system infrastructure and enhance its usability delivering positive outcomes for stakeholders.

Some Common Objectives

  • Going Paperless
    • Digitisation technologies such as OCR and document Workflow
  • eCommerce
    • Online presence for your goods and services
  • Mobility
    • Working effectively out of the office has just got simpler
  • 3D Printing
    • Rapid prototyping and cost reduction
  • Process Automation
    • Automate repetitive tasks and decision making
  • Predictive Diagnostics
    • Be able to act proactively than reactively


5 Simple Steps To Get Started

  1. Get buy-in from the top
    • Yes, we will be doing this and we know why we are doing this
  2. Map your current business processes
    • We know where we are today
  3. Identify clear outcomes
    • We know what we are trying to achieve
  4. Engage in digital specialists to advise on your findings
    • We will benefit from an expert than trying to find our own way
  5. Involve staff
    • Keep everyone informed. From start to finish.


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