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Did you know that 3D printing can be used across a multitude of design principles?

It’s thrilling that 3D print has become the norm in everyday working. And not just in the usual industries such as architecture, engineering, building, static display modelling and construction feasibility, 3D printing is becoming an integral capital investment, a critical success factor for many businesses. Whether you are a Start Up, an SME or a large organisations time to think 3D Print.

We at Print and Workflow Solutions collaborate with the likes of Konica Minolta and other superior international brands to bring you the best in 3D Print. Compatible across 50+ devices, 7 technologies, ColourJet and MultiJet 3D printing benefits surpass all expectations.

We tailor the right model for your organisations requirements!

Investing in 3D capital will provide all organisations with an endless list of benefits. Time acquisition, customisation in fit for purpose, IP confidentiality management, sanctioning ideas into reality.

Let 3D be your new take to market strategy!


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