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Communications & Networking

Communication and Information Technology, comprising its different methodologies and platforms, is extremely important in the day to day operation of a business. Organisations today, seek and demand unified communication platforms for their internal and external stakeholders.  Print & Workflow Solutions, through its partnership with “Macquarie Telecom”, deliver:

  • Choice – Our voice, data and mobile packages consolidate major Australian business carriers into a single plan. You can choose from our high-performance hosting solutions through to the cloud, or a hybrid solution.
  • Flexibility – Expanding and contracting on demand allows businesses to plan and pay for average loads but prepare for peaks. Multi-carrier mobile, voice and data options mean switching carrier, plan, devices and technologies within your contract is simple.
  • Control and visibility – Powerful and intuitive, the Macquarie View management tool suite is always available online. Our Launch Cloud managed hosting tools let you transform your IT environment with a single click.
  • Availability – An N+1 redundant design across our hosting platform, data network and multi-carrier telecommunications infrastructure is backed by 24×7 onsite support from expert engineers. Our business continuity services keep your in-house applications running if there’s a network disruption.
  • Security – We’re as secure as it gets, with the highest level of security certification in Australia, including ISO27001 and PCI DSS. ASIO-T4 Intruder Resistant and NV1 clearance.


Macquarie Telecom is also the largest deployer of SD-WAN in the southern hemisphere. SD-WAN, redefines the way networks work by allowing true multi-carrier diversity and more in-depth visibility & control across your entire network.

SD-WAN delivers:

  • Speed & Consistency
  • Stability & freedom from dropouts
  • Fast & Simple Roll Out
  • A hybrid Network for True Flexibility
  • No Delays, No On-Site Technicians
  • Safe Data, Total Compliance

Macquarie Telecom have the highest customer satisfaction scores (NPS) of any ASX listed business.