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ISDN Disconnection


ISDN Disconnection is Coming.

ISDN disconnection is taking effect from 30 September 2019.

Now is the time for businesses to evaluate their options and plan ahead.


Although copper is being disconnected and special services (like ISDN) will be impacted, our SIP ready ISDN and PSTN products mean you won’t need to invest in new voice equipment.

We offer like for like voice services; utilising high quality business nbn to provide direct access to your premises.

First Step? Get in touch with us to discuss your migration needs.

For your existing voice services, we will migrate to a corresponding Macquarie Telecom SIP ready product. The mapping below shows the possible paths from here, to nbn.



Contact us today to get a future proof plan for your business voice and data services. We’ll map out key timings, delivery and budget to help you transition onto Australia’s largest broadband network. Also, in most cases we’re able to arrange no cost fibre install which allows your business to run on a network that’s not controlled by any one telco.