Using the “Government’s Stimulus Package” To Reduce Costs in your Current Print Environment

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Instant asset write-off terms & conditions

  • Eligible Businesses:  Less than $500 million turnover
  • Date Range for when asset first used or installed ready for use: 12 March 2020 to 30 June 2020
  • Threshold:  $150,000.00

Additional ways “Print and Workflow Solutions” (PWS) can help

  • Reduce operating charges
  • Flexible payment plans to assist with cashflow
  • Deferred Rental Payments
  • Payout existing expensive agreements
  • Blended solutions of “New” & “Refurbished” devices
  • Billing inclusive – 1 x Direct Debit payment each month
  • No Meter Readings
  • No Minimum monthly impression volumes

Coivid-19 brings with it a new dimension to business operations. The office as we know it is going to have a different and look and feel in the future. There could be more of an acceptance and requirement to work remotely. Organisations will need to be more flexible, mobile and efficient to reduce any potential cost blowouts.

When running a business, most people focus on the major costs such as rent, employee salaries and cost of production. Printing is often overlooked, yet it eats up around 3% of a company’s revenue. ( this depends on the kind of business in question as the percentage can either go higher or lower. )

The main problem with remote businesses is that people still need to have access to printing facilities – which necessitates buying devices for every staff member. This problem has become more prevalent in the current global pandemic which has forced people to work from home or remotely.

Modern-day technology has enabled us to collaborate using video conferencing software and robust project management. However, there are no such shortcuts for legacy printing needs. You still need a printer to get that document on paper.

It is in the interest of most companies to significantly reduce their spend on printing. Companies that house all their staff in one building can more easily monitor their printing habits and take measures to reduce them, but what about those that operate remotely?

How can they take steps to reduce their spend?

Also, what happens when things get back to normal, and they can resume working from the office? Will you sell the printers, or what would happen to them? The depreciation rate of such equipment can be high – if anyone is interested in buying them.

How to get around some or all of these issues…

“PWS”, are experts in modern printing solutions and can help you optimize your printing solutions by giving you better and more efficient equipment. “PWS”, can ease the burden of providing new printers to your staff and allow you to get them at a subsidized cost or on a friendly payment plan. If you are already in any long-term equipment agreements, “PWS” will suggest ways to reduce these costs. “PWS” will provide you with the equipment you need at a lower cost and put you on smaller monthly payments. Alternatively, they could also provide deferred payments to protect your cash flow. Similarly, if your current printing equipment is obsolete, you can have Print and Workflow Solutions replace it with better ones.

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